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Bank to IFSC Code Converter Tool
This tool helps you find the IFSC code of any Indian bank in India. The code is mandatory for all banks for online transactions. Online tool for IFSC Code lookup & bank to IFSC code conversion.


 What is an Indian Financial System Code IFSC Code?

An IFSC Code is a unique 11-digit code assigned by the Reserve Bank of India to every bank. It is used to identify the bank's branches, branches of associate banks, branches of foreign banks, and other entities associated with the bank. IFSC codes are also used to identify the accounts of individual customers of the bank.

Format of IFSC Code

The first four characters of the code represent the bank's name, while the last six characters represent the branch of the bank The fifth character is usually reserved for later usage.

 Why IFSC Code is important?

  • This code is a bank identification number and helps one identify the bank branch.
  • A unique code makes for error-free transfers that are safe and secure.
  • A unique IFSC code is needed for each transaction.
  • Transferring funds from one country to another is now easy and fast using IFSC codes, making it even more convenient for people to make international transactions.
  • Since paperless transactions with IFSC codes are eco-friendly, one must resort to eco-friendly methods of financial transactions.

How can you know your IFC Code by account number?

The most efficient way to know your International Fund Code is by knowing the following details. If you have a checking account at any of the following banks, you'll need to fill out a form and give the bank information about your new one. So, if you have an account with HDFC bank, the first four digits will be HDFC. The last five digits IFSC code is the first five digits of your bank account number.

How to Convert the Bank’s Name into the IFSC Code Using Bank to IFSC Code Converter Tool?

As an Indian citizen, you are probably familiar with the IFSC code. It is a unique code assigned to every bank branch in India. The IFSC code can be used to access various services offered by the banks such as account opening, transfer of money, etc. In this post, we will show you how to convert the name of any Indian bank into the IFSC code using the Bank to IFSC Code Converter tool. This will help you to convert the name of any Indian bank into the IFSC code. Follow these steps to find IFSC Code

  • Select your bank
  • State in which the bank is situated
  • District in which the bank is situated
  • Branch of Bank within District
  • Click on Find Now Button


In conclusion, this is a simple and quick way to find the IFSC code of any Indian bank. You can use this tool for any Indian bank in India, so go ahead and try it.